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The Lakes
Oral & Facial Surgery
Fall River, NS

The Lakes Oral and Facial Surgery Centre

The Lakes Oral and Facial Surgery Centre is located in Fall River, Nova Scotia, just 15 minutes from Lower Sackville. Dr. Lee Chamberlain, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, CD1, BSc, FRCD (C) has extensive training and experience in oral surgery, dental implants and facial cosmetic surgery. Dr. Chamberlain offers a complete range of oral and maxillofacial surgerical procedures with expertise in corrective jaw surgery to wisdom tooth removal.

Dr. Chamberlain can also treat facial pain, and facial injuries and perform a full range of dental implants and bone grafting procedures. Dr. Chamberlain can also provide ultra high technology 3D imaging for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. The Lakes is conveniently located at 3440 Highway 2 (just a minute from SOBEYS), Fall River, Nova Scotia. To schedule a consultation, please call (902) 576-5253.

Visit The Lakes Oral & Facial Surgery Centre website at > > > Facial Cosmetic Sugery in Halifax.

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